Troop 901 was formed in the Fall of 2001 with a core group of experienced scouts and scout leaders. We are dedicated to the idea that Scouting provides an opportunity for youth to learn and practice leadership skills, in an environment of fun activities. This is a boy led troop, where the program and activities are designed and implemented by boys, with input and guidance from the adults. Our size and experienced leadership allows us to give your son more specific and individualized attention than would be possible in a larger troop. He will get the opportunity to learn at his own pace. He may not know what types of activities really interest him yet. We try to provide a varied program so that he can discover what types of activities he enjoys. We offer a two-tiered program of introductory activities for younger scouts and high adventure for the older scouts.

Why should my son join Troop 901?

We believe that boys join scouts in order to have fun. The troop is a general interest activity group with a full range of different types of outings.
In the past we have gone:

  • Backpacking in the Hill Country
  • Camping on the beach at Matagorda Island
  • Canoeing in East Texas
  • Whitewater rafting in Tennessee
  • Indoor rock climbing in Houston
  • to Summer Camps in Texas and Georgia
  • to Winter Camp at Camp Strake
  • to High Adventures Camps to Philmont, NM and Northern Tier, MN
    and will be going to Seabase, FL (in 2012)

This coming year we will return to some of those places, and try some new adventures. We will go hiking, backpacking, fishing, rock climbing, motor boating, and more.

For more troop information contact our Scoutmaster